SLOAN AG was founded in 1967 in Basel, Switzerland as a sister company of the Sloan Company in California, USA. In 2020, Sloan AG was integrated into SIBALCO AG and the name SLOAN has continued as a brand ever since.

For more than 50 years, optoelectronic components that meet the highest standards for quality, durability and performance have been developed, manufactured and distributed under the SLOAN brand. During this time, a wide range of quality LED indicators and LED modules have been developed.

With our own development department, which reacts quickly and innovatively, we realise developments, continuously expand our product range and also implement LED solutions according to customer specifications. We offer an extensive range of LED products for use in challenging environments. Applications include waterproof enclosures, rugged shock- and vibration-resistant metal housings, ultra-bright LED displays for sunlight visibility, and LEDs with a viewing angle of more than 180°.

Many years of experience and innovation are a guarantee for the customer of suitable solutions, developed according to standard or customer specifications.