The requirements that must be met by TSL's LED lighting are particularly demanding. This is because the products are used worldwide indoors and outdoors and in the wet cells of rail vehicles and are thus often exposed to harsh conditions. TSL's LED lighting solutions withstand extreme heat, dust, high humidity and frost.

In addition to safe operation, the needs of passengers and operating personnel are also the focus of attention. Brightness adapted to the conditions of use and the optimal visibility provided by LED lighting enable transport users to enjoy a comfortable ride. Optimum illumination also ensures safe boarding and alighting. The focus here is on the implementation of standards applicable to mobility-impaired and hearing- and visually-impaired passengers.

Some of TSL's LED products are also ideal for industrial applications. The focus here is on maximum efficiency, very good and high luminosity, robust housing technology and intelligent light and thermal management.

TSL products
Round luminaires<br> 

Round luminaires

Lengthwise luminaires

Lengthwise luminaires

Miniature luminaires<br> 

Miniature luminaires

Spindle luminaires<br> 

Spindle luminaires

Surface luminaires<br> 

Surface luminaires

Gooseneck luminaires

Gooseneck luminaires