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Our customers

Manufacturing companies and enterprises in the electronics and electrical engineering sector as well as mechanical engineering.

Our partners

Renowned manufacturers of components in the electronics and electrical engineering industry.

Our services

Technical advice and project support for developments.
Distribution, supply chain services of electronic and mechanical components.
In-house development and production of solutions with assemblies and modules in the fields of sensor technology, IoT and LED applications.


Year founded
CEO, Head of LED & IoT Solutions
CFO & COO, President of the Board of Directors
Head of Business Development
Head of Distribution & Logistics
Quality Manager
Employees Sibalco group
Sister company


Basel (Headquarter) and Bern
Alexander Beck
Markus Schmid
Yves Mattmann
Stefano Bisonni
Markus Schmid
Sibalco, W. Sigrist & Co. GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany

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